Yeovil FC Stadium


Project Small
TYPE: Stadium
SEATS: 30,000
CLIENT: Yeovil Town

Football Stadium

Yeovil, UK
Yeovil FC Stadium

A simple and elegant small-crowd stadium for a growing club.

As the largest club in the region, Yeovil enjoys a strong following and has an ambitious future. To address their current needs and an unpredictable future, we proposed a simple, elegant, low-cost solution that is modern and learns from history. A sunken, continuous lower tier provides an engaging atmosphere on day one. This is supplemented by elevated tiers and boxes that create four individual stands.

The development allows various phasing options, and the open corners allow the ground to engage with the surrounding landscape and optimise pitch conditions. The open corners accommodate the lighting masts and vertical circulation ramps affording views into the bowl during ingress and egress. Lounges and boxes are located at the top of the second tier allowing a simple propped cantilever roof and an elegant stepped elevation.